Your own ideas can give you wings

Everyone wants to express their passion and do something they really love. Sometimes there just is not a satisfactory course to study or an ordinary office work from 08: 00-17: 00 is just not attractive enough for you.

There is good news. We live in a very diverse country with many wonderful opportunities for entrepreneurs. The possibilities in the area are endless and you are always amazed at others’ talents, skills and ideas that arise everywhere.

One such successful entrepreneur Leana Viljoen (31) of Bloemfontein. She swapped her full-time job for a life of excitement, uncertainty and passion. The designer, photographer and musician bubble with courage and creativity. When Leana then moved Bloemfontein eight years ago, her passions diverse and far too much, but she started as a graphic designer work.

His story.

“I was initially very excited to stay in the gray Bloemfontein and Free State. I grew up in northern KwaZulu-Natal. Eventually I discovered that Bloemfontein show his color is not always in nature, but in its people. And now I love the place! ”

She established her own business, Ladala, in 2011. The name of the business, “creative” in Zulu, is a definite indication of what she keeps herself busy.

Leana recognized that it was a leap of faith was to say goodbye to her full-time job and is about to start her own legs. “But looking back over the past few years, it was certainly worth it to move out of my comfort zone and my dream to follow.”

Her interest in contemporary art led to her research on vinielkunsplakkers. She soon realized that she is crazy about it and hoped others would her passion for sharing. It was the answer to which she was going to feed her creative soul.

“It has been tough going in the beginning – to purchase equipment and to enter the market. I launched my business on Facebook and Twitter and quickly realized that one should never underestimate the power of social media. Just using Facebook, I built valuable contacts. ”

Her business has grown and now consists of different sections. Besides the vinielkunsplakkers she also graphic design, site planning, photography and playing musical instruments she at events.

She has big dreams for the future.

“I intend one day to have a space where I many creative products to market and sell, as well as articles that I have gathered from all over our country and other parts of the world.”

Leana’s tips to entrepreneurs:

Never allow anyone to tell you your dreams and needs are not outrageous.
Do thorough research and draw up a business plan with the help of experts on.
Make financial provision for you to earn the first few months is not necessarily a huge salary.
Your passion or hobby can be your career.
Surround yourself with a support network of people who believe in you.
Never underestimate the power of social media, use it – it’s cheap and effective.
Mrs. Marie Venter, an educational psychologist from Pretoria, said South Africa is one of the countries that offer lots of opportunities for entrepreneurs. A career as an entrepreneur is very accessible.

“Creativity, hard work, perseverance and innovative thinking of the core features needed. It is important for young people to know that starting a good entrepreneur with a tertiary education.With a degree or diploma are created lots of opportunities to be a successful entrepreneur. ”


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