Six common characteristics of successful entrepreneurs

Most people grow up with the desire not to be an entrepreneur – they are just. Are you a natural, budding entrepreneur? If the following qualities describe you, you’re probably already there halfway.

You are competitive in nature

A natural entrepreneur accept “no” for an answer and never giving up. You are at ease with challenges and will do everything possible to get to the top. You are restless and can not settle down even after you reach your goals. Where others may relax after they have reached their target, you are already starting to prepare for the next round. You get the most out: your talent, creativity, ideas and money. And you do it again and again.

You understand how to take advantage of market potential

You understand how much business success depends on the ability to identify an unmet need in the market. These unmet needs or gaps in the market, can range from a demand for new products or technologies to a need for other services than those currently available. A natural entrepreneur also work to find potential new markets for services he (or she) has to offer.

You feel at home with lateral thinking

You were probably a bit of an outsider who did not really fit into the same old bunch. You may have a completely different way because the traditional education system. It looks like you have long questioned the status quo your life, to the dismay of some people around you. The question “why” and to take back processes to the drawing board is not negotiable and you enjoy working in your thoughts wings . Your ability to generate fresh ideas contribute to your business (or your corporate project teams) ‘competitive advantage.

You are somewhat of an introvert

You might think natural entrepreneurs also natural ekstoverte. Ryan Holmes , a contributor to , say it is not an accurate assumption is. According to Holmes to four out of ten top executives are categorized as introverted, including Google’s CEO and co-founder, Larry Page, and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

You’re a master negotiator

You should not be intimidated by networking opportunities and you have the talent to sell yourself and your skills without forcing things. You can accurately summarize social situations and you understand the fine art of negotiation . You have the ability to create a win-win situation where all parties benefit from the business interaction, which is the basis for building long-term and profitable business relationships.

You welcome (a calculated) risk management and unpredictability

Martin Zwilling , founder and CEO of Startup Professionals, explains that entrepreneurs know that there is no real business opportunities without risk. Even if the entrepreneur there is always the possibility that customers may reject the product or service carefully researched the market.

Successful entrepreneurs, however, know how to balance risk with opportunity and understand the concept of ” calculated risk “. Paul B. Brown , contributor to , goes a step further when he claimed that entrepreneurs do not naturally take chances, but rather calculated risks and not leave an outcome to fate if they can help it. They give rather small steps to their targets so they do not lose too much if they fail and before they give that small step, working to make their way out to that first investment as small as possible.

When were you last outside your comfort zone? It’s easy to fall into routine, especially in your professional life. Do you feel you are actually destined for something more than the tedium of your predictable work? Are you full of new ideas and find that corporate hassles you back? You may be in the midst of thee an entrepreneur.

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