Only one chance for a first day

On her first day as a clerk at an auditing firm wanted Erika van Dijkhorst, then 22, to make sure she’s on time. “I was new in Pretoria did not know how rough would be the traffic and was finished too early. I also did not like an overzealous first year clerk looked and decided to go wait in the parking lot of a nearby shopping center. So three bays of me, a young man also sitting in his car. We smiled at each other. “Erika said 15 minutes later they both drove right in the same direction. He returned also at her new workplace. “We got out and laughed at each other. Clearly we were both new, early and wanted to do things right. ”

As Erika, most people experience a mixture of emotions when you start your first working day. Stress, insecurity and a fear of the unknown is very normal feelings.

Mr. Peet Rose, a career consultant at the career center at Northwestern University has the following tips to ease your first day.

“To get the latest and most to be youngest member of any team, at the same time challenging and exciting. Always remember that there are in every challenge and opportunities you have to make the best of the situation. ”

Show a positive attitude
A good attitude in all situations is very effective. Make your enthusiasm to be part of the team available.

Professionally dressed
Never underestimate the importance of neat, professional clothing. Especially at the beginning should you look to be very professional.

Show team spirit
You are now part of the work a new team and teams together to solve problems and goals to pursue. Show loyalty to your colleagues and do all the credit for yourself.

Ask questions
Feel free to ask questions. People do not think you’re stupid if you have a question to ask. It is always better to ask than to not know.

Take notes and seek learning opportunities
Write down everything you hear. Everyone’s memory is fallible. Attend every meeting information is available at.

Be self-propelled and take initiative
In most situations, especially in the first few days or weeks, you will get small and seemingly trivial tasks. Do it enthusiastically and thoroughly and show your supervisor you are ready for advanced tasks.

Work full days
Nothing is so fatal to your professional image than the “latecomer” or “vroegloper” known to stand. Establish a good attendance record. If you then have a crisis must deal you can do it with confidence, no people about your motives to leave the office wondering.

Avoid office politics
In most workplaces, there are rumors and gossip. Your mission is to clean your hands of it.

Limited personal use
Feel free to ask what the company’s policy in this regard, and abide by the rules.

Listen more than you speak
People appreciate a good listener always over too outspoken person.

Find a mentor
It does not happen on the first day, but as you meet people, especially senior staff, start thinking about establishing a special trust with a specific person.

Keep informed your supervisor
Keep your manager informed of your progress, but use your judgment and do not bore you with unnecessary information.

Meet people and build networks with key people in the organization and your career field
Residential everything you can, such as congresses and conferences to keep abreast of your field and make an effort to meet the key players in your field.


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