One sure sign that an employee would resign – study

In the management lore, all sorts of signs that one of your employees on the verge of resigning.

Some suggest you should be if an employee suddenly started arriving concerned in a pack or alternatively if someone started dressing more casual. Others say it’s a red flag if a member of the team is more absent from work. In predigitale era, hides a few bosses at the printer to see if employees are leaving their resume lying around.

But is any of this folk wisdom actually backed by science? To find this out, a team managing professors recently a series of studies carried out where they gathered information that would indicate that an employee with one foot out the door, and also carefully their actual behavior in the “real” world checked.

It seems that many of you have heard, in essence, hogwash. (Get all the details of the research methodology in their writing for the HBR blog)


13 signs that are actually a great sign


So what are the signs that an employee on the verge of resigning in accordance with scientific research? According to researchers, this is the 13 true stories:

Their productivity at work takes more than usual down.
They come less than usual on as a team player.
They are doing the minimum amount of work more often than usual.
They are less interested to impress their manager as usual.
They are less willing than usual were in long-term timelines.
They have a negative change in their attitude.
They put in less effort and less motivation than usual.
They focus less on work-related matters than usual.
They speak more dissatisfaction with their work than before.
They speak more dissatisfaction with their supervisor more often than usual.
They walked early from work more often than before.
They lost enthusiasm for the mission of the organization.
They have less interest in working with clients.
But if you look at the list of approaches you can quickly see that all these different behaviors can be described by a simple, everyday expression: You’re in trouble if your employee does start noticing.

Each of these behaviors, lower productivity, more complaining, less interest in pleasing supervisors, it is basically an indication that an employee started disconnected spiritually with the work and trying to invest less in his or her performance, colleagues, and customers. Do you see that your employee’s behavior tend towards, then science can now confirm to you that you do have cause for concern.


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