How to deal with a Jekyll-and-Hyde boss to work

You can not quite figure out your boss.Sometimes he mates with you and personable; other times he belittle you for the team. How you handle a manager like Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde act?

“The most brilliant entrepreneurs, leaders and bosses change their minds. They boast that they have vision ‘than other’ soft ‘, “said George Bradt, a specialist in corporate incorporation (on-boarding). “There is however a fine line between a volatile personality and toxic unpredictability.”

Nancy Rothbard, a professor of business management at the University of Pennsylvania, adds: “What Jekyll-and-Hyde-base makes so challenging is that you do not know what boss will not be coming. This could be the friend or the bully. And when you’re dealing with an emotionally unstable kind of person, it makes your challenges at work infinitely greater. ”

Consider the following steps in your strategy for coping with unpredictable boss:


Try to understand his background
It is critical, but very difficult to determine what drives him. “To say your manager is just an idiot or a miserable person, help in the end,” said Nathanael Fast, assistant professor of business management at the Marshall School of Business. “Try looking beyond the cry and to understand the situation. If it is a scenario that can be changed or if it’s a situational factor that can be done about it? “Try to listen to what he says and how he says.


Try to identify triggers and patterns
“The better you understand the cause of your boss’s gemoedswisselings, the better,” said Fast. It could be something as simple as low blood sugar. Let your boss every morning to work in a dark mood when? Is he on his opgewekste after lunch? Or maybe accompanied his outbursts with very stressful situations. “There may be a monthly meeting with the board is extremely stressful and bring about a total change in behavior,” said Fast. To search for clues and patterns that explain the cause of your boss’s temperamentveranderinge can help you develop strategies to deal with his temper.


Stay calm
If your boss screamed or to belittle you for reasons you do not understand, it is critical that you not just as unresponsive, says Rothbard. “It will only worsen the situation and probably his anger fuels. You do not want in a moment of anger say something that you will not regret it later. If it feels as if you are going to burst itself, excuse yourself and leave the room, “said Fast. Speaking later privately with your manager about it. “Especially if your boss a reactive kind of person, he could really go outside if you yourself others against him resist,” says Rothbard. Try it man-to-man deal failed as his mood.


Tell someone
It can be difficult to start a conversation about your problems with your direct supervisor. Rothbard says the best would be to raise the eruptions at a 360-degree performance appraisal session or to sign it privately to the HR department. “Often the result is that any help he gets to manage his moods part of his coaching of another place in the organization,” says Rothbard. When it comes to the point where it just continues and affects your health or work performance, it may be time to write off your losses and way to give to greener pastures.



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