Engineering or lawyer?

Interests, personality and aptitude are three key elements that must come together preferably when an appeal may be taken.

Ingrid Fourie (28), a furniture designer from Bloemfontein learned this wisdom the hard way.

“I was one of those people who struggled a little to choose a career, so I choose against my better judgment a university and not a profession.” She BA Communication Studies study at Northwestern University. The university looked for her nice because both studying in her older sisters.

“When I was already bored with my course in March, I decided to go see a professional counselor on campus. I had already had an interest in beautiful things and also technically. Architecture and design came to the fore during the tests and I decided I should move. I rest completed my year. But the design course I did at night was for me a lot better. ”

Ingrid then furniture will be studying at the Technical University of Tshwane and thoroughly enjoyed it.

“I now know to choose a career you must take your passions into account. Your career is more important than the university where you wish to study. ”

Mrs. Marie Venter, an educational psychologist from Pretoria, agrees and says identity is important before interest can be fully determined.

“It is true that a person engage in various occupations through his life and therefore it is important to choose a course of study as a young student who could be using a variety of jobs. To choose a profession is not so easy. It’s a decision often made more than once and continuously adjusted. ”

Venter says your career to fit into your life story because it is part of who you are, where you come from and where you are heading.

Also Prof. Kobus Maree, an educational psychologist and lecturer at the University of Pretoria, emphasized the importance of job analysis is the process of deciding what you will do after school.

“Work Analysis included that the guidance for the candidate being tested, some careers proposal to which he or she then began investigating in earnest.”

He said that further help for the candidate to attend open days, universities, universities of technology, to visit colleges or other training institutions and see what the proposed careers.

“Make arrangements with people in departments that offer the courses, talk to teachers, employers, workers, people who have recently graduated and those currently studying to get a complete picture of what the profession everything that goes with it.

Furthermore, he said shadow work can be very useful.

“Go offer your services to potential employers and be willing to work at a company without compensation.”

Maree says with job analysis, you should find out what it will cost to achieve a particular qualification, or on your own work or always someone else will have to work, or you will have a job when you graduate, if your ‘ a few years will still have a job with the particular qualification and what it will cost if you need to be retrained.

Maree pointed out that factors such as aptitude and interest no guarantee of success in any field is not.

Characteristics and attributes such as perseverance, self-confidence, self-discipline, determination, effort, hard work, diligence, determination and temperament is also of paramount importance.

“The responsibility for choosing to work, exercise, study or not to do, is ultimately your own.”


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