Develop your gifts and talents

It is usually much easier to get other people’s talents and gifts to see if it is to see your own touch.Just because you can not identify your own talents and gifts does not mean you have talents and gifts. The first step in the development of your abilities and skills is a good self-awareness and identifying your gifts and talents.


In a paper that Sidney Moon (Moon, S. 2002) has made the development of gifted children at an international conference, she offers the following tools for parents and teachers to help these children to foster self-awareness . These tools, however, apply to everyone and can also help you to know yourself better so that you can discover your gifts and talents and develop:

Interest, exploration and assessment.

Talent assessment.

Identification of strengths and weaknesses: Do a SWOT analysis of yourself, your gifts and your talents. A SWOT analysis implies that you draw up a list of your strengths and weaknesses, the opportunities to grow and to learn new skills and the dangers that it gepaardaan, and to weigh it against each other so to make the right decision.
Experiential Learning: It is a way to test whether your interest is really intrigued by the talent and gift that you identified. You may have singled out photography as your talent and you have to live with your theory is tested by a course or a class in photography only to discover that you do not like to wait hours to make the right photo. Your talent actually lies in the processing and editing photos.
A more simple explanation of how to develop your talents and gifts are as follows: Discover your talent through your creativity, artistry and to examine personal skills. If you have trouble identifying ask the people you know your own talents and gifts, your family and friends to help you. If you are still uncertain, pray and meditate.

Develop your talent by training, still practicing, and practicing again. The adage after all is “practice makes perfect.”
Believe in yourself.
Learn the skills that are necessary for the exercise of your talent or gift. To learn a new skill is not easy, and it becomes increasingly difficult the older one gets. If you make mistakes, learn from them and if you succeed, celebrate.
Practice so you can develop your talent.
Use your talent by sharing with others. By sharing your talents with others, make you more confident, give your confidence a boost and improve your quality of life.
(Sleeper, D. 2014)


Like any other task that will be undertaken require custom development to measure the creation of a framework for your success, for example by setting goals, measure yourself against benchmarks (benchmarking) and evaluation (Wikipedia, 2014).


The development of personal gifts and talents like to mention the following advantages (only a few):


improve self-awareness and identity
develop talents and potential
building human capital
facilitate employability and ease of
is instrumental to achieve your dreams and aspirations / prospects.
Further advantages are:

learning new skills
spiritual development and
improving quality of life
Sidney Moon closes her essay with the statement that the development of personal talent and hoëvlakprestasie to a fulfilling life leads (Moon, S. 2002). to do the successful development of your gifts and talents with the effort you make to master a new skill. The right skills to be mastered by studying hard and have to train harder to achieve your personal goals and fulfill your dreams and aspirations.

(Wikipedia, 2014)



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