Why you should take mathematics as a subject

Pupils and students suffer from high demands to obtain relevant qualifications for today’s labor market. Mathematics is often a prerequisite if students plan a professional career path, and developed math skills seems increasingly to be more indispensable in almost all industries. Some career fields require specific subjects, which often include mathematics. Certain disciplines – including … [Read more…]

Engineering or lawyer?

Interests, personality and aptitude are three key elements that must come together preferably when an appeal may be taken. Ingrid Fourie (28), a furniture designer from Bloemfontein learned this wisdom the hard way. “I was one of those people who struggled a little to choose a career, so I choose against my better judgment a … [Read more…]

The importance of a good resume

a curriculum vitae (CV) is usually your first introduction to a potential employer and make a first and lasting impression. Your CV’s main objective is to ensure an interview you for that dream job. Employees often receive hundreds of applications for a job and get through a host resumes work. Most employees do not have … [Read more…]

Ongoing changes in the workplace


In the 1960s, the work revolved around a nine-to-five working day, men their wives and children kept home, and work usually involves physical labor. Staff smoking at work – even in the office – and there were no provisions for proper etiquette in the staff kitchen, as tea-ladies in the middle of the morning with … [Read more…]

How to deal with a Jekyll-and-Hyde boss to work


You can not quite figure out your boss.Sometimes he mates with you and personable; other times he belittle you for the team. How you handle a manager like Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde act? “The most brilliant entrepreneurs, leaders and bosses change their minds. They boast that they have vision ‘than other’ soft ‘, “said … [Read more…]