Why you should take mathematics as a subject

Pupils and students suffer from high demands to obtain relevant qualifications for today’s labor market. Mathematics is often a prerequisite if students plan a professional career path, and developed math skills seems increasingly to be more indispensable in almost all industries. Some career fields require specific subjects, which often include mathematics. Certain disciplines – including … [Read more…]

Engineering or lawyer?

Interests, personality and aptitude are three key elements that must come together preferably when an appeal may be taken. Ingrid Fourie (28), a furniture designer from Bloemfontein learned this wisdom the hard way. “I was one of those people who struggled a little to choose a career, so I choose against my better judgment a … [Read more…]

Develop your gifts and talents

It is usually much easier to get other people’s talents and gifts to see if it is to see your own touch.Just because you can not identify your own talents and gifts does not mean you have talents and gifts. The first step in the development of your abilities and skills is a good self-awareness … [Read more…]

The importance of a good resume

a curriculum vitae (CV) is usually your first introduction to a potential employer and make a first and lasting impression. Your CV’s main objective is to ensure an interview you for that dream job. Employees often receive hundreds of applications for a job and get through a host resumes work. Most employees do not have … [Read more…]

Your own ideas can give you wings


Everyone wants to express their passion and do something they really love. Sometimes there just is not a satisfactory course to study or an ordinary office work from 08: 00-17: 00 is just not attractive enough for you. There is good news. We live in a very diverse country with many wonderful opportunities for entrepreneurs. … [Read more…]

Will robots take over your work by 2025?


From cars themselves manage to so called ‘care shunting yard for the elderly, represent rapid advances in technology have long been a potential threat for many professions that would normally be performed by the human workforce. Experts now believe that almost 50% of jobs that currently exist, by 2025 altogether will be superfluous as artificial … [Read more…]